Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları Projeleri

Akçay Sarıkız Square Environmental Regulation Construction Work

  • Kategori : Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları
  • Proje Durumu : Devam Eden Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2018
  • İlçe Adı : Edremit

Proje Açıklaması :

We are working to make Akçay Neighbourhood in Edremit District one of the important points for Balıkesir's local and foreign tourism. We make the Sarıkız Square in Akçay, which is one of the places where all Balikesir citizens and tourist guests, with more green areas, more convenient place that is compatible with today's technology. Akçay Sarıkız Square, which will be illuminated at night and the security will be restored all day and night, will be able to be visited for its view with the beautiful trees of Akçay during the day and night.


Balıkesir Edremit District Akçay Neighbourhood, Recreation area is planned to be built in the area of ​​9.300 m2.


Green Area Regulation

Hard Ground Landscaping

Children's Game Group

Seating and Rest Areas

Cordon Walking Trail

Parquet Manufacturing

Lighting Production


Green Areas Automatic Irrigation System Installation