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Ayvalık Bay Cunda Bridge

  • Kategori : Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları
  • Proje Durumu : Tamamlanan Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2017
  • İlçe Adı : Ayvalık

Proje Açıklaması :

Seawater quality in Ayvalik Bay falls year by year as we all can see. The pollution in the region has increased excessively due to the construction and population increase around the Gulf, and waste contents has not been prevented for years. The fact that the bay is rather shallow and the entry of clean water from the open sea is limited only in the north and in the west has contributed to the limited water circulation in the bay. It is a known fact that the connection road between Tulip Island (Lale Adası) and Ayvalık is also an important barrier preventing the water entry to the bay.

As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have made two important efforts to rescue the Ayvalık Gulf. One of these is to reduce the amount of waste discharged to the bay to zero. We continue in this direction with diligence and determination.

Our second greatest move to clean the Ayvalık Bay is to increase the clean water intake to the bay by turning a part of the Lale Island Connection Road into a bridge. With this ongoing fieldwork and engineering work, approximately 120 meters in the middle section of the road connecting the mainland to the island is turned into a paved bridge. In this way, the clean water intake in the bay are increasing with the help of the northern winds and tidal effects.

The scientific research and studies we are doing show that the water quality will improve rapidly in the northern parts of the bay and especially in Ayvalık city center with the increase of water movement after opening of the bridge