Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları Projeleri

Balıkesir Housing Estates

  • Kategori : Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları
  • Proje Durumu : Devam Eden Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2017
  • İlçe Adı : Karesi

Proje Açıklaması :

Description of the Project:

Project ,called as Yeni Karesi, is not only planned to be on the new developing side of the city but also it is on the upland having the best sight. So you easily enjoy the time while sitting on your balcony.  Matching the geographical characteristics of the territory, project has the widely open building area. The concept is the thriving, breathing, living space.

Site of Construction: 

Topography of construction having four sites is determined with suitability of the transportation. Building site’s main gate opens towards the main pedestrian way. To support the economic change and needs of the location of the real estate properties, commercial building site is cautiously chosen. Main pedestrian way is located on the upland. This upland separates the site of construction to two sites having subsidiary parts. Main pedestrian way on green field is connected to the subsidiary parts with school, health center, religious facility and commercial site.

Construction Site Order and Building Design:

The area of the project is designed to be totally 245.750 m2 with maximum fifteen floor buildings. Basically eleven different types of buildings are designed. To have people’s meeting places, site of construction is carefully chosen. It is compatible with the construction site order and building design. Climate and current of the air are taken into account while buildings are located. Yard is one of the basic designs based on construction site’s climate regime.

Facilities and Recreation Areas

Construction site includes elementary school building, health center, religious facility with wide green areas. Detailed landscape designs form the ecological corridors between buildings. Recreation areas include park, playfields , basketball and tennis court, pavement and bicycle ways.

New living space in the city centre…

Yeni Karesi presents 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 flats available with the advantageous first selling price.