Çevre Koruma ve Atık Yönetimi Projeleri

Havran Solid Waste Transfer Station

  • Kategori : Çevre Koruma ve Atık Yönetimi
  • Proje Durumu : Devam Eden Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2018
  • İlçe Adı : Havran

Proje Açıklaması :

<p>Havran Solid Waste Transfer Station, built by Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, will operate at 7.250,00 m2 area in Eseler Mahallesi of Havran District.</p><p>The facility, which is capable of meeting the waste increase in the summer months, will solve the waste problem of the districts Havran and Edremit. </p><p>The solid waste storage areas in Havran and Edremit will be rehabilitated. The waste collected in the mentioned subject provinces will be separated in Solid Waste Separation Center and the wastes having economic value will be used by recycling will be removed from the waste. The wastes having not economic value and can not be recycled will be used in the energy production, economical gain and the amount of solid waste needed to be stored regularly will be reduced.</p>