Performance Program


2015-2019 Strategic Plan is accepted by unanimous vote  of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Council members and comes into force on 18 September 2014 to fulfill the expectations of our countrymen excellently as a “model city”.

2015 Performance Programme includes accomplishment of the Strategic Plan’s first year objectives and their operating costs.

While our institutional objective is determined  by the strategic plan, our performance programme serves as a guide included with the objectives of plan. Our detailly planned 2015 programme is involved in this working.

2015 Performance Programme is done by considering accountability, financial transparency, authority and responsibility equilibrium of expenditure according to the rules and principles of Public Finance Management and Control Law Nr. 5018.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s 2015 Performance Programme can be downloaded with the links below.

2014 2015 Performance Programme
2016 2016 Performance Programme
2017 2017 Performance Programme
2017 2018 Performance Programme