Strategic Plan


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality beginning its operation after  the local election in 30 March 2014 started to make preparations for the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan in May 2014. Primarily, Strategic Planning Team was formed under the coordination of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality.

Before beginning the preparations for the strategic plan, Strategic Planing Team started their work after trained by the specialists of South Marmara Development Agency and received consultancy service on the strategic planning methods by the commission of lecturers from Balıkesir University’s Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. By this way, team members gained academic perspectives on their strategic planning work. 

2015-2019 Strategic Plan preparations began after the domestic circular letter was sent to Metropolitan Municipality Departments in 16 May 2014. Works are done with participatory approach applied by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality to strategic planning works and done by exchanging ideas among institutions and organizations.

By considering demands and expectations of Metropolitan Municipality, information needed to make the plan was gathered with the participation of district presidents and village headmen on the date of 12 and 17 July.

In the light of these meetings, open public conference under the title “Let’s Make Our Strategic Plan All Together” was conducted in Salih Tozan Meeting and Exhibition Center on the date of 21 July. In the meeting with many participants, “External Stakeholder Survey Form” was handed out to fill in.

17.09.2014 Plan and Budget Commission report about approved 2015-2019 Strategic Plan was accepted by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting on 18 September 2014.

What is the Purpose of the Metropolitan Municipality’s Strategic Plan ?


Strategic Plan is made to offer a modern and quality service in today’s continuously developing and changing world, made to meet the expectations of citizens and made to realize Municipality’s dream to be in the first 10 developed cities’ list.

Strategic Plan is associated to the Tenth Development Plan. In line with 2023 targets, Tenth Development Plan of the years between 2014-2018 aims for high welfare community and includes high, steady and inclusive economic growth, superiority of law, information community, human development, protection of environment and sustainable use of resources.

During the preparation of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, contributions to prepare the Tenth Development Plan are given priority.

Investment is in Top Priority in Strategic Plan

To lead to better tomorrows with strong, dynamic and livable Balıkesir fulfilling its vision and mission, timely quality service, protection of the environment, efficient use of resources, regulatory compliance are considered as basic principles. 

Development of the city and interests of the citizens are given particular importance. Strategic plan will be a guide for the future to solve the problem of people from all social strata.

2015-2019 Strategic Plan in compliance with the social and cultural municipalism makes a great contribution to the social and individual life of citizens with its construction, transportation, environment and disaster management and health care services and investments.

With this plan it will be possible to apply many important projects that will change the image of Balıkesir and add prestige to it. Because of the need for the productive use of resources to achieve the goals of  the financial statements, financial statements should have been prepared carefully.

However, no available information about budget of the province for the previous period makes it really difficult to do realistic analyses as a newly established Metropolitan Municipality. Carefully worked, cost calculations for 2015-2019 Strategic Plan are written on the table below. According to this table ,4 billion 333 million liras is needed to be allocated.

Grand Total629.884.928763.716.791879.910.087961.159.0781.098.738.284

The Targets of the Strategic Plan

  • Making sustainable construction plans from 1/100.000 environmental construction plan to 1/1000 implementary development plan,
  • Metropolitan Planning Center is established as a part of sustainable city program to do research on history, culture, education, health, sociology, agriculture, natural resources and energy sources,
  • Making sustainable transportation master plan and traffic management plan,
  • Building an effective public transportation system,
  • Building traffic control system,
  • Making road opening and enlargement works and building subways, overpasses, rail systems and car parks to strengthen transportation infrastructure,
  • Improving traffic and transportation consciousness,
  • Growth of the city population in accordance with environment plan,
  • Building culture centres,
  • Building recreational areas and making stream improvements,
  • Building vegetable and fruit markets,
  • Making geologic and geothermal searches,
  • Building rest and service areas,
  • Building Çamlık recreation area, rest areas and attraction centres,
  • Building fair and congress centre,
  • Building bus terminal and mini terminals,
  • Building neighborhood parks.

2014 Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality 2015-2019 Strategic Plan