Balıkesir City Archive

“Balıkesir City Archive” had been seen as a necessity for a long time by some local press organs but it was realized only by the decision of Municipal Council on 5 September 2006. Well-intentioned efforts of the Balıkesir citizens was one of the key factors that speed up the establishment process.

Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives research is done by doctorate and master students in the leadership of Assistant Professor Doctor Abdülmecid Mutaf and records and documents about Balıkesir are taken to our archive.

City Archive is on the third floor of building which is used by Turkey Electricity Company in 1980s, by Water and Bus Department until the end of 1990s and by Devrim Erbil Museum of Modern Art after the restoration in 2004.

In parallel with the importance of  subjects our “newly introduced” works for our city are done carefully. All materials that are related with the Balıkesir City Archives are studied with a systematic historical perspective.

During the collection development process, Balıkesir citizens are considered to be our basic reference guides for preparing the archives. For this purpose, meetings firstly with the important citizens and then with the mukhtars are organized; public annunciations are made with television and newspaper advertisements and  with the interviews and some documents are received.

To gather all required materials together, permission is obtained by sending official letter via governorship to the instutitions like Balıkesir University, Provincial Directorate of Culture, District Municipalities and Public Library.

Our archive sorted out as “Books, Articles, Thesis, Visual Materials, Institutions and Organizations, Unique Works of Art and Ottoman Turkish” is opened to public use with its updated database and infrastructure.

Archive is open to all researchers without any charge or membership. All works in our archive are not given to someone to get it out except for special cases. However, if this material is needed to be used in a lawsuit or will be used in a very important scientific researches, it can be lent after an offical report being made. 

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