Devrim Erbil Museum of Modern Art


Professor Devrim Erbil’s Speech Summary about Museum of Modern Art

One of the best parts (Crown Prince’s Place) of the Dolmabahçe Palace is given to Turkish artists as a museum by Atatürk who is in the excitement of westernization and the museum established in 1937 still operates.

I have the distinct honor of  being the lecturer and being curator of the museum between the years 1978-1983. This Museum established by Atatürk is within the structure of Mimar Sinan University and under the protection of it.

However, unfortunately, there is no museum of modern art in our today’s developed cities. There are museums only within the structure of the universities like Trakya University. Anadolu University also established a museum of modern art in its campus. Although there became a number of initiatives, almost no museums have been opened.

In our country, municipalities have art galleries but no art museum. City develops an identity by opening “T.R. Balıkesir Municipality Devrim Erbil Modern Art Museum” as it is a city of culture. Many important artists having education here were grown up here and and produced works of art. It is certainly a must to remember Fikret Mualla giving art lessons in Ayvalık, Edip Naci staying in Balıkesir for a while, very important persons like Mustafa Aslıer retired as Professor, Hüseyin Gezer and Adnan Turani having education in Balıkesir, Nüshet Kutlu, İrfan Yılmaz and Sırrı Özbay who provides the inspiration for art in the city.

Works of art of many well known people still living in Balıkesir or born and grown up in Balıkesir could be reached by the opening of “T.R. Balıkesir Municipality Devrim Erbil Modern Art Museum” Faculty of Fine Arts. This will make the city of art more modern than many other cities.