Salih Tozan Culture and Art Center


Salih Tozan Culture and Art Center which is located right at the city center was built by Balıkesir Lieutenant Governor in the beginning of 1920s as an Electricty Factory  and was operated for long years. After the facility, known as “Electricity Enterprise” by public, is moved to another place in 1980s, the building is used for  Bus and Water Maintenance Enterprise. Building, which turns to become the monumental structure with the decision nr. 2134 taken by Monuments High Commission on 14 March 1986,  is cleared out. It is repaired in March 1993 and transformed into culture and art center in 1994. With the decision nr. 101 taken by municipal council on 05.10.2000, old cinema artist Salih Tozan’s name is given to “Balıkesir Municipality Salih Tozan Culture and Art Center”.

Salih Tozan Culture and Art Center assembly hall has 313 seat capacity with two storey changing and rest room. Most of the social and cultural activities takes place in this hall that meets the needs for all kinds of assemblies with its good sound, lighting and heat system. Reorganized center is put into service in summer 2004. All shops before the old garage are demolished and green rest areas are built around the building. Parking Area having 10 vehicle capacity is built in the area in which there is Center with the museum near it.

Salih Tozan
Stage Actor

Salih Tozan as an old stage actor was born in Balıkesir in 1914. After leaving Balıkesir Secondary Teaching School, he as an amateur actor played in the Halkevi Theatre. In 1933 he joined mobile theatre Raşit Rıza. In 1940s he played in Ankara Children’s Theatre and Muhlis Sebahattin Operetta. Between the years 1945-1949 he took an important role in the İzmir City Theatre’s play.

He moved to İstanbul in the beginning of 1950’s. He played in Avni Diligil, Yeni Ses and Muammer Karaca Theatres and İstanbul City Theatres. He won Turkish cinemagoer’s affection with his good natured, kind and friendly behavior.

He spent last five years of his life mostly by taking role in Memduh Ün’s films. He took role in the plays like Yüzbaşı Tahsin, Yıldızlar Revüsü, Bulgar Sadık etc. that begin in 1950s. In theatre he often personates Armenian, Jewish, Laz and Balkan while playing good natured and kind man in cinema films.

In theatre he took a role in the plays like Küçük Şahin (1946), Ceza Kanunu (1947), Şeytan Arabası (1952), Cibali Karakolu (1955), Anne Frank’s Diary (1958). He also played in the cinema films like Üç Arkadaş (1958), Ayşecik (1960), Mallenin Sevgilisi (1960), Şeytan Çekici (1960), Kırık Çanaklar (1961), Otobüs Yolcuları (1961), Avare Mustafa (1962), Akasyalar Açarken (1963).
Salih Tozan died in 16 February 1963 at the age of 49.