According to article 26 of Law Nr.5216, Metropolitan municipality is capable of establishing fund companies. Secretary general with the municipality and its  subsidiary companies’ personnel appointed as directors could be assigned to work for supervisory and administrative boards of these companies.

Excavation areas in the possession of Metropolitan Municipality could be used for the operation of the car park, tea rooms, recreational facilities, public transport services and kiosks and operational rights of them could be transferred to the companies that have %50 or more shares by the municipal council’s decision.
(Not subjected to State Procurement Law Nr. 2886)

According to the article 16 of new Turkish commercial code numbered 6102, institutions and organizations established for commercial operations are also regarded as municipality’s business enterprise corporations.

Metropolitan Municipality Companies

Metropolitan municipality as the majority shareholder has tree companies established by Law Nr. 6360 and started to operate after 30.03.2014 local elections. These companies are Balpaş Inc., Balpark Ltd., Fırıntaş Inc.

Metropolitan municipality also has shareholdings of (%10) Aksa Balkaz Inc., (%24.32) Balgaz Inc., (%0.43) Tarım Kredi Yem Inc. 

Coordination with the companies and shareholdings is carried out by Department of Fundraising.

BALPAŞ - Balıkesir Pamukçu Thermal Tourism & Trade Inc.

BALPAŞ Balıkesir Pamukçu Thermal Tourism & Trade Inc. is established in the date of 24.04.1990. Since Balıkesir Provincial Special Administration’s legal entity is abolished on 30 March 2014 by the Law Nr 6360, company’s partnership interest is given to Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. Company runs Değirmenboğazı Natural Park for the Recreational Use rented on 11.01.2013 from Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs’ III. Regional Directorate and runs an Enterance, 5 Selling Stands, Balıkesir City Forest rented on 25.04.2013 from Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs’ Balıkesir Regional Directorate and Cleaning, Security Services. Cafes, Coffeehouses and Kiosks in Değirmenboğazı Natural Park are hired by the company after the tenders are made. Değirmenboğazı Picnic Area having the indoor spaces for deers presents magnificent beauty of the nature suitable for walking and sport activities at the riverside with very distinct types of trees.

Company’s Field of Activity

Company runs hotel, hostel, motel, spa center , thermal cure center, swimming pools, central heating system by using geothermal energy, training facilities for the tourism, arranges parks , gardens and picnic areas and runs and attends to organizations like fair, congress and symposium etc. Five- Star “Hotel Asya Thermal Spa Pamukçu – Balıkesir”, which is the popular destination of tourists thanks to its one of the world’s most naturally radioactive healing water, is belonged to BALPAŞ Balıkesir Pamukçu Thermal Tourism & Trade Inc. It is located at 14th km. of Balıkesir-İzmir highway and 500 meter away from Pamukçu.