Ethics Commission

Law Nr. 5216 dated 25.5.2004 about “ the Establishment of  Public Officers Ethics Commission and Changes in the Laws” is legislated to determine the principles of ethical behaviors like honesty, objectivity, transparency for public welfare.


 Preparing the regulations to determine the public officer’s ethical behavior,
 Informing the authority about the research and analysis results on the subjects including the claims about the violation of the principles of ethical behaviors ,
 Improving moral value of the community and putting support behind it.
Setting prohibition boundaries of gift giving and demanding the prepared list of the gifts given to the officers at least in the status of officer manager.

In compliance with the article 2 of law Nr.5176, commission members ,one of whom is the president of commission, are chosen by Council of Ministers’ decision dated 10.08.2004 numbered 2004/7791 and commission starts to work with the first meeting on 29.9.2004. 

Decisions about all personnel with supervisory board president and the president of commission working in the state institutions and organizations established in the name of annexed budget administrations, local administrations, public economic enterprises, circulating capital enterprises, boards and supreme board institutions are taken by Law.

President of Turkish Republic and members of Grand National Assembly, Council of Ministers, Turkish Armed Forces, Jurisdiction and Universities are not included in law.

Municipality’s Ethics Comission

With the approval of the decision dated 16.07.2009 numbered 1524, Municipality’s Ethics Commission is established by article 29 of regulation of Procedures and Principles of Public Officials’ Ethical Values promulgated in Official Gazette Nr. 25785 on 13.02.2005.

In institutions and organizations, duty of the Ethics Commission is to create, improve ethical values, provide guidance and give advice about the problems of the principles of ethical behaviors.

Working time regulations of members of the Ethics Commission are done by Mayor. Ethics Commission works in cooperation with Prime Ministry Public Officer Ethics Boards.