Human Resources

According to article 21 of law Nr. 5216, organization of Metropolitan municipal government is composed of secretary general, heads of departments and branch managers. Establishment, abolishment and integration of organizational units are determined by the decision of metropolitan municipal council.

There is no deputy mayor working in Metropolitan Municipality. To help secretary general do his work effectively and efficiently, permanant appointment of the deputy secretary general is possible. Secretary general and deputy secretary general working under the command of mayor provide municipal services by obeying the municipality’s policy ,objective, strategic plan and program and legislation provisions.

According to article 22 of law Nr. 5216 which is about the employment of the personnel, municipal personnel is appointed by mayor. Municipal council is informed in the first session about the decisions for directors and personnel having higher status.

Secretary general is appointed by Minister of the Interior with the mayor’s proposal. Appointed secretary general, ministry’s general directors appointed to general administrative services, ministry’s directors of departments appointed as deputy secretary general, 1. legal advisory and the personnel appointed as the head of department are able to get the compensation payment and additional charges according to article 152 of Civil Servant Law Nr. 657 with compensation legislation.

Except from contract employee and laborer, %10 of the total number of successful officers could be paid premium wages two times per year by considering their income level and working time by council.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s Organizational Structure

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is established on 30 March 2014 by the laws about the organizational chart and structure including the change of the regulation of “ the Principles and Standards of Permanent Appointment at the Municipality and its Subsidiary Companies with Local Administrative Authorities”.

Top management positions in the Metropolitan Municipality’s organizational structure are shown on the table below:

Secretary General
Deputy Secretary General
Executive Asistant
1. Legal Advisory
Mayor’s Advisors 
Heads of Departments  16 
Branch Managers   53