Mission Vision

Mission Vision and Our Values 

Institutional Strategic vision and mission for the period 2015 to 2019 approved by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipal Council is decided as: 

Mission Statement

By preserving the city’s historical heritage, it is aimed to have an environment-friendly city with large livable open spaces, aimed to keep alive the hope of people for the future and please them with the developed corporate infrastructure and the modern transportation network, aimed to improve human relations and let everyone have the local services effectively and in time.

Vision Statement

Among the Developed Vision Statement list of the ten leading cities, Balıkesir is the model city in which happy and hopeful people live

Basic Values and Principles

  • All kinds of services are fulfilled by people-oriented municipality.
  • Service delivery by providing equality of opportunity and by considering priorities and needs is done without discrimination.
  • Program is operated in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • Our way of working is solution oriented.
  • Decision-making process and practices depends on our accountability and transparency.
  • Each one of the participators is needed for the decisions taken by administration.
  • We are adhered to use resources efficiently and thriftily.
  • Our basic principle is to earn trust of all external and internal shareholders.
  • Kalkınma odaklı sürdürülebilir proje üretimi desteklenir.
  • Protecting cultural and historical values is our motto
  • Our working principle is based on the protection of the environment of living and inanimate creatures
  • Social and career development of our employees is supported and they make the best of using technological and scientific methods
  • City planning is to ease the life of our disabled citizens
  • Development oriented sustainable projects are supported