Municipal Board

According to article 3 of  Metropolitan Municipality law Nr.5216, municipal board with municipal council and mayoralty is the part of Metropolitan Municipality’s organizational structure.

Municipal board under the presidency of the mayor is formed of the chairman of the municipal board, municipal council’s five members and secretary general with five heads of the departments including the financial services chosen by secret voting for one year. (Article 16 of Law Nr. 5216) 

Secretary general is the chairman of municipal board meetings to which mayor couldn’t attend. Members of municipal board get half of the monthly gross payment that is paid to chairman of the municipal board and the heads of the departments.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Chairman of Municipal Board, 
Yücel Yılmaz - Metropolitan Municipality Mayor

Municipal Board Members  (Chosen from Municipal Council)

Name and Surname 
Yasin SağayMunicipal Board Member
Ramazan BahçıvanMunicipal Board Member
Mehmet Birol ŞahinMunicipal Board Member
Süleyman AksoyMunicipal Board Member
Mehmet KaraboğaMunicipal Board Member

Municipal Board Members (Chosen from Unit Managers)

Name and Surname 
Mustafa KüçükkapdanAssistant Secretary General
Tuğba Varol1. Legal Advisory
Pakize KadıoğluHead of Editorial Affairs and Resolutions Departtment
Ahmet ŞahanHead of Real Estate and Expropriation Department