Municipal Council

Metropolitan Municipality’s organizational structure is composed of metropolitan municipality council, municipal board and the mayor  according to article 3 of Metropolitan Municipality law Nr. 5216.

Council Formation (Article 12 Law Nr. 5216)

Metropolitan municipality council, members of which are chosen in accordance with the procedures and principles of law, is metropolitan municipality’s decision making body. Metropolitan municipality mayor is the president of municipal council, metropolitan sub-provincial municipalities mayors are the natural members of metropolitan municipality council. Metropolitan sub-provincial municipality councils and their working procedures and principles are held in accordance with municipality law Nr. 5393.

Council Meetings (Article 13 Law Nr. 5216)

Metropolitan municipality council takes place on one day in every second week of the month. While budget discussion meetings last maximum twenty days, other meetings last five days at most. (Additional statement: 3/7/2005-5393/85 Article) Council can be prorogued on a decided month. Except from the usual meeting place, meetings within the municipality border could take place where the president of council wants it to be by informing the other members before. Public announcement of the time, date and place of the meeting is also made.

In case of necessity, metropolitan municipality mayor calls an emergency meeting for maximum three times per year. Members of the council are informed and notified written about the meeting at least three days before. Not any other subject different from the purpose of the meeting is discussed in council meeting.

Municipal council’s decision that is thought to be illegal by metropolitan municipality mayor may be sent back to the council to be discussed again.

Decisions desired to be discussed by municipal council together with the decisions not needed to be discussed again are finalized soon.

Metropolitan municipality mayor may resort to the jurisdiction against the decisions of council.

Metropolitan municipality and district municipality council’s decisions are sent to the highest administrative authority in maximum seven days. Law not sent to the local authority is not enacted.

Article 14 about the finalization of the decision is canceled by Constitutional Court’s decision dated 4/2/2010 and numbered  2008/28 and 2010/30 while sub-article 6 and 7 are abolished with the article 3 of Law Nr. 5747 dated 6/3/2008.

After the approval of the district municipality council’s reviewed decisions about public works, these decisions are sent to the metropolitan municipality mayor in maximum three months. Decisions that are not discussed by metropolitan municipality council are also approved at the end of this period of time.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Council

Balıkesir Metropolitan Council established after the elections on 30 March 2014 consists of 94 members. Justice and Development Party is represented by 59 members, Republican People’s Party is represented by 27 members and Nationalist Movement Party is represented by 8 members in the council.

Deputy mayor of Sındırgı Municipality and metropolitan municipality council’s member Şevket Barkır lost his life in a traffic accident on 10 October 2014.

Mehmet Zengin is appointed as the Justice and Development Party’s Sındırgı Municipality council member.

Council Group Presidents

Metropolitan Municipality council has two political party groups 

Justice and Development Party – Council Group President V. Mehmet Birol Şahin
Republician People’s Party - Council Group President V. Dursun Mirza