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Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality established by Law Nr. 6360 acquired legal entity status after the local elections in March 30, 2014 and municipal council took a decision to design the new logo in April , 2014.

Public announcements “Metropolitan Municipality Designing Its Own Logo”  are made to decide on logo. Many suggestions about the logo are received and expectations are determined. Professionally worked on the design of the logo by making the trend analysis and considering the prominent symbols of the region.

Logo having the minimalist design with the theme of Letter “B” is unanimously accepted on 9 July 2014 

What Does Metropolitan Municipality’s Logo Mean? 

In Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s logo, while blue color symbolizes Marmara and Aegean sea coasts and lakes, green color symbolizes Balıkesir’s forests and fertile soils.

Road figure, which is the symbol of the civilization, stands for its location connecting nearby cities while heroic soul of the people in the Balıkesir region and Bird Sanctuary are symbolized in the same figure. Olive branch symbolizes peace and the unity identified with Balıkesir

Corporate Identity Guide

Use of the visual elements legally owned by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is explained in the guide prepared together with the logo. If there becomes a need to use the logo, guide must be followed carefully.


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