Scope of Authority


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s Scope of Authority

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is established by the Law Nr. 6360, accepted on 12.11.2012 and published in official gazette on 6 December 2012, regarding “The Establishment of  Fourteen Metropolitan Municipalities , Twentyseven County Municipalities with the change in the Decree Laws” and its scope of authority is determined by provincial administrative boundaries.

According to sub-article 2 and 3 of article 2 of the same law, legal entities of the villages and towns are removed and villages turned to neighborhoods and municipalities turned to towns become the part of their own county municipalities.

At the center of Balıkesir province, 27 central neighborhoods with 42 towns become belong to Karesi municipality and 13 central neighborhoods with 81 towns to Altıeylül municipality.

After the amendment to the law Nr. 6360, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is composed of 20 districts and total scope of authority (includes the lake) is 14.272 square kilometer.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s counties; Altıeylül, Karesi (total area 1.466 square kilometer), Savaştepe (425 square kilometer), Sındırgı (1.433 square kilometer), Bigadiç (1.007 square kilometer), Dursunbey (1.906 square kilometer), Kepsut (894 square kilometer), Susurluk (601 square kilometer), Bandırma (599 square kilometer), Erdek (260 square kilometer), Manyas (589 square kilometer), Balya (952 square kilometer), Ivrindi (266 square kilometer), Havran (559 square kilometer), Edremit (708 square kilometer), Burhaniye (426 square kilometer), Gömeç (181 square kilometer), Ayvalık (266 square kilometer), Marmara (117 square kilometer), Gönen (1.118 square kilometer).

According to Adress-based Population Registration System reports in 2013, population of Balıkesir province is 1.162.761. Most populous districts are Altıeylül and Karesi followed by Bandırma and Edremit respectively.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute, there is no data available about rural population since Balıkesir becomes Metropolitan Municipality in 2014. According to the datas of the year 2012, %61.32 of the population live in the city and district centers while %38.68 of them live in the village and town.