Sister Cities

Article 74 with the title “International Relations” of Municipal Law Nr. 5393 allows Municipality to be the founder member or member of the international institutions and organizations by the decision of the municipal council.

Municipality could make joint activity project works with these international institutions, organizations and  foreign local administrations or could have a twinning agreement with them.

According to the first and second sub-article,  all doings must be in conformance with the foreign policy and with the international treaties and permission by interior ministry is a necessity.

In the article 60, which is in the title of “Municipal Expenditure”, of the same law, “domestic and foreign expenditures on the projects and the services done together with the non-govermental organizations” are regarded as expense items.

Within this scope of law, Interior Ministry makes allowances for Municipality’s joint activity project works with the international institutions, organizations and foreign local administrations.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Muncipality’s Sister Cities

With the agreement signed before Balıkesir Municipality reaches the status of Metropolitan Municipality by Law Nr. 6360, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality has had four sister cities.

Sister CitiesDate of Council's DecisionQuorumDate of the Ministreial ApprovalNumbers of the Ministreial Approval
Schwaebisch HallGermany - -20.11.200612301/50000
Chungheognam-DoSouth Korea - -30.03.20109718/50000



Source: General Directorate of Local Administration /

Except from the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality’s four sister cities agreements, there are available 19 sister cities agreements signed by 9 district municipalities since March 30, 2014. Akçay, Edincik and Saraylar district municipalities signing the sister cities agreements are shut down by the Law Nr. 6360 after the local elections in 30.03.2014.

You can get the sister cities agreements of districts by downloading the document below.

Sister Cities