Authorities and Duties

Authorities and Duties

Subjects about duties, status, election and removal of the metropolitan municipality mayor are included in the article 17, 18, 19 of law no. 5216 published in official gazette on 22 July 2004.

Metropolitan municipality mayor is the head of the metropolitan municipal government and representative of legal entity. Metropolitan municipality mayor is directly elected by legally approved voters living in Balıkesir. His period of office is 5 years. 

Metropolitan municipality deputy chairman is chosen in accordance with rules in Municipal Law. However, county mayors are not authorized to be the metropolitan municipality deputy chairman. Throughout their duty time, metropolitan municipality mayor and county mayors are not allowed to participate in managing and public auditing bodies of political parties and they cannot manage the professional sport clubs. 

According to the article 18 of law no. 5216, duties and authorities of the metropolitan municipality mayor  is as shown below:

a) Governing the municipal organization and administration as a top municipal officer, protecting the city’s and its towns’ right

b) Governing in accordance with strategic plan, composing municipal administration’s institutional strategies, preparing and managing the budget with the help of the strategies, designating personal performance criteria, observing and evaluating municipal operations and personal performance, presenting the reports about these subjects

c) Presiding over metropolitan municipal council and its council and performing the decisions of these organs

d) Taking the necessary precautions by following this law to perform actively and effectively metropolitan municipality’s duty and service

e) Making metropolitan municipality with its related establishments to be operated more effectively and efficiently, preparing the budget proposals , the suggestions for the budget changing and the budgetary accounts of metropolitan municipality with its related establishments

f) Defending the metropolitan municipality’s rights and interests and getting the income city needs

g) Accepting charities, making savings and forming a contract legally for metropolitan municipality

h) Representing the metropolitan municipality as a complainant and defendant or getting the lawyer, working for   municipality and its related establishments or working for private sector, to represent metropolitan municipality 

i) Making personal appointments, inspecting the municipality and its related establishments

j) Solemnizing marriage in case of need

k) Performing his duty and exercising his authority determined by the other laws related to municipal organization

l) (Transitory article dated 25/1/2007 and numbered E.: 2004/79 K. : 2007/6)*

m) Using allocated fund reserves for poor people and building places to support disabled people

*There had been a statement as “Handing over some or one of the duties and authorities to the county mayor or the highest ranked mayor” in the subclause 1 of transitory article 18 of  Law Nr. 5216.

Dismissal of mayor

“Mayors and county mayors are dismissed by the Council of State after their actions and treatments causing cancellation of the municipal organization “ statement is included in article 19 of  Law Nr.5216.

Changes in the article 17, 18, 19 of law no. 5216  are as shown below:

  • “Highest ranked” statement in the article 12, 13 of  Law Nr. 6360 of 12/11/2012 with the Law Nr. 5216” is removed.

  • In the article 1 of Law Nr. 6462 of  25/4/2013 the word “disabled”  is changed as the word “defective”.