Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları Projeleri

Çamlık Hill Recreational Area

  • Kategori : Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları
  • Proje Durumu : Devam Eden Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2019
  • İlçe Adı : KARESİ

Proje Açıklaması :

In Çamlık Hill Recreational Area, touristic, sportive, cultural, scientific, religious, commercial and entertainment activities are available for people of all ages and they can enjoy their time all the day.

Lightened on night, people will be able to see the beautiful scene of Balıkesir among the pine trees whenever they want.

Çamlık Hill Project and Çay Riverside Project will be connected to one another by the aerial ropeway. Visitors of Balıkesir will have chance to see these two beautiful recreational areas just with small time gaps in the same day. 

Being planned to have 730.000 m² recreational area includes:

Çamlık Mosque and Hilal Minaret (which is an outstanding statue),

Balıkesir Turkish History Street,

Science Centre,

City Library,

Shopping Places,

4 Sport Courts and Playground for Children,


Walking Track,

Picnic Areas,

Paintball Field,

Roads and Car park.

Walking tracks and sport courts placed at four main points of Çamlık Hill with shopping places and picnic areas aim the visitors to have fun while wandering around.

Heliport area and aerial ropeway are alternative means of transportation.

Because of the purpose that make the children and adults interested in science, Science Centre is decided to build on the road to the city.

Project is described in three main concepts and these are Adventure İsland, Religious Facility and Commercial, Recreational Areas.

Adventure Island located on high slope is funny with the activities like Mountain Coaster and Crazy River. Its natural and woody environment is not only suitable for Adventure Island but also for Paintball.

Religious Facility includes Modern Çamlık Mosque, Religious History Street, open-air museum and city library. It will be on the upland having perfect view from everywhere. Steel construction minaret in the shape of crescent will be 33 meter high.