Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları Projeleri

Çay Riverside Recreation Area

  • Kategori : Altyapı ve Üstyapı Yatırımları
  • Proje Durumu : Devam Eden Projeler
  • Yapım Yılı : 2019
  • İlçe Adı : KARESİ

Proje Açıklaması :

The Showroom Building for the socio-cultural needs of people, 29 Shops and the Shopping Streets on which people can eat and drink in the open air, 1.8 meters long Running Track and Fitness Area, modern Playing Grounds that can get children thrilled easily, Ponds where citizens can spend the time happily, Decorative Pools, oval Stages on which concerts are organized and grassy Amphitheater, 9 different Minigolf field that is predicted to make people acquainted with the sport, Skatepark for younger’s heightened adrenaline, Çay riverside recreation area with its 240 acre planned project area is composed of 44 thousand trees and bushes on grass field, equal to eleven football pitches in size (78 acre), is the biggest recreation project in Balıkesir.

Project planned to be finished in two stages include:

Administrative Building (First Stage) – 262 m²

Showroom Building (First Stage) – 1.460 m²

29 Commercial Building in total, firstly 12 then the 17 being built, (First Stage and Second Stage) – 12.136m²

Car park with 517 car capacity

Running Track – 1812 meter (First Stage: 1600 meter, Second Stage: 232 meter)

3 Playinggrounds – 1700 m²(In Fist Stage two of them and in Second Stage one of them built)

1 Fitness Area – 140 m²(First Stage)

1 Pond – 4.800 m²

2 Decorative Pools – 2.100 m²(First Stage: 300m2, Second Stage:1800m2)

1 Stage and Grassy Amphitheater

9 Minigolf Field – 50 m²(First Stage)

1 Skatepark – 3.900 m²(Second Stage)

Grass Field – 78.000 m²(First and Second Stage in total)

43.910  Plant (First and Second Stage)

25 Topiary (First and Second Stage) 

Aerial ropeway from Çamlık Hill reaches to Çay Riverside Recreation Area. Riverside Recration Area placed on 240.000 m² is at the important junction point of the city. 78.000 m² of this area is being used as grassy land and the other part of the land is considered to have outstanding new brand symbols of the city. Putting this area, now being idle at the city center, to good use will give a magic touch to Balıkesir. This will get a great help for Balıkesir to make progress on its own vision and prestigious life will be possible for future. So Balıkesir will take a great step in urbanization with these high level standards.